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Bipasha Basu advises Priyanka Chopra on wearing High-heels

Priyanka Chopra, the style diva of Bollywood who has also become and international pop singer doesn’t like stepping out without her high-heels. By her own admission, they are her genuine friends. She further adds, “For me, vanity comes before comfort when it comes to shoes. And I think I have athletic legs because I wear heels all the time.”

Priyanka Chopra even travels with her heels on, which can be harmful to health in long-term. Interestingly, a while back, actress Bipasha Basu gave her some sound advice on the same. “Bipasha once gave me this lecture on how I should not travel in heels because it will eventually affect my back and knees. After that talk, I do try and wear flats as much as possible while travelling, but I don’t like it,” she adds.

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