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Satya 2 Review: A Horrible Deja Vu

Ram Gopal Varma’s creativity seems to have died and Satya 2 seems to have risen from the ashes of dead creativity. It is a bland movie which is worse than tasteless, over-cooked cabbage. Bollywood Celebden Presents Satya 2 review.

Rating: 2.5/5

For someone who watched the previous movie Satya and relished the impeccable acting of Manoj Bajpai and J D Chakravarthy, Satya 2 will be like having a horrible Deja Vu.

Firstly, the story-line is similar to the previous movie. A guy without a past but with brains comes to Mumbai and makes it big in the world of crime and ultimately crashes down (all because of that good winning over evil formula). The previous movie had well developed characters who were enigmatic and yet captivating. Though Bhiku (played by Manoj Bajpai) was a criminal, the viewers got a sense of sympathy to the character. The protagonist Satya (played by J D Chakravarthy) was a character the viewers could empathize with. Now this movie has nothing of that sort. Puneet Singh Ratn who tries to look intense and brooding (crudely copying Al Pacino from The Godfather), ends up looking like a constipated guy who’s got something stuck in his nether regions.

His husky voice seems more artificial than Kasab’s voice in Ram Gopal Varma’s previous film Attacks of 26/11 and it does not invoke any sort of emotions from the audiences. His portrayal of an underworld kingpin is unconvincing. His lady love (played by Anaika Soti), does nothing but to romance this fellow and pout and look pretty. Looks like Anaika is on her way of becoming RGV’s Urmila Matondkar of this decade.

Then there are the trademark RGV ultra weird camera angles which make the viewers feel as if they are drunk or high on something. Ram Gopal Varma’s creative high as far as the underworld goes, seems to have died a few years ago as this movie has nothing to offer.

For people in South India, this movie will seem like RGV’s version of a Telugu movie called Businessman. That movie begins with the commissioner of Mumbai Police giving a talk on how the cops have eliminated underworld but they have to be vigilant. Right then, the protagonist lands in Mumbai and starts wreaking havoc in the city by establishing an organized crime entity with all the elan of a b-school topper. Satya 2 has exactly the same story-line but with RGV’s trademark camera angles and the blaring Govinda-Govinda chorus whenever there is something dramatic.

Overall verdict, this movie is something you can watch if you are extremely bored and have absolutely nothing to do. If you are intent on helping RGV in getting money, go buy the DVD of the prequel.d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);}

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