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Rohit Shetty: You should not take success to your head

Rohit Shetty, popularly known as the ‘100 crore director’ for his blockbuster movies, is now basking in the glory of his recent super hit film Chennai Express.

Talking about delivering hit films like Golmaal, Singham and Chennai Express; Rohit said “It is not a habit to make hit films, it just happens. You cannot plan out such things (hits and flops). The reaction to a film is upto the audience. I am thankful to audience for their love and support.”

“Every Friday which comes is a new test. You are remembered for your last Friday. I can’t get carried away and take the audience for granted. I will have to work hard for my next project. You should not take it (success) to your head,” he told PTI in an interview.

When asked about the sequel to his hit film Singham, he said “We are still working on it, we are still scripting. It is one of the big and lovable brands. You don’t want to take the audience for granted. We are working on every minute detail.”

The director also said that he is planning on re-making the hit comedy film Angoor, which starred Sanjeev Kumar in the lead role. The movie was based on the Shakespearean comedy A Comedy Of Errors and now Rohit Shetty wants to re-make the movie with Shahrukh Khan in the lead.

We are waiting for it!

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