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Ranveer Singh: I would love to work with Deepika again

Celebrities are often linked up with some other celebrity and gossip-mongers like us, live on such stuff. Usually the celebs get annoyed and irritated if questions about their relationships are asked again and again but Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone, who are reportedly dating, are not tired of answering questions.

The two are very busy promoting their next film Ram Leela and at a recent promotional event, the two were asked back-to-back questions about their relationship and the two calmly answered the questions.

When a reporter asked her if she is tired of answering questions about her love life, “No, I am not tired. I am more than happy to talk about it,” was her answer. “Let’s not shy away from the fact that it is one of the main things that people are talking about as far as the promos are concerned. It’s the first thing that people are reacting to when they see the promo, so it is definitely a great thing,” she added.

“I hope when people see us together in the film, they want to see more of us every time we are not on the screen. I also hope that we get to do some other work soon,” Deepika said, to which Ranveer Singh replied, “I would love to collaborate with her (Deepika) again because she is one of the best we have. Hopefully, we will get that opportunity sooner rather than later.”

The movie releases on November 15th.

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