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Parineeti Chopra: Khulam Khula!

She is funny, bubbly, loud and crazy, keeping up with her Punjabi spirit. Parineeti Chopra is not like the rest of her breed. She doesn’t even make an effort to blend in. She is cool like that. She is always energetic, zealous and fun to hang around with. She is like you and me, she is star who is literally, down to earth.

She has worked with all new comers so far, all the films have done well and more importantly she has always stolen the thunder. She creates a magical and easy chemistry with all her co-stars. She says she was a born drama queen. Her straight forwardness is something that makes her adorable! People might call her brash but hey she is fun! Things have changed 360 degrees for his lady after she became an actress. The most difficult part for her is being politically correct since she says she is the kind of person who finds it hard to say the right kind of things. She once said in an interview that she shamelessly banks on her sisters, Priyanka Chopra, stardom. How often do we come across someone so to the point? She is compared to Priyanka Chopra so often that now she says she is bored of it. There is a constant battle but she says Priyanka is family and that it doesn’t matter. In her first year in the film industry itself she has managed to win a special mention at the National Awards, something people can’t achieve being here for decades. She is tough and she is one of the best!

We like this Punjabi Khuddi and wish we had more people like her whoo give us a full insight into Bollywood without any editing. She is here to stay and scare the rest. We wish her all the luck!

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