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Krrish 3: Kangana’s performance was just mind-blowing!

Kangana Rananut has many reasons to smile after her recently released flick ‘Krrish 3’ did wonders at the box-office. She played a negative role in the super-hero flick which stars Hrithik Roshan in the lead role. Kangana’s role in the movie has become the talk of the town and the movie in itself is dowing wonders at the box-office.

Although Priyanka Chopra plays the lead female role in the movie, Kangana’s contribution in the film has been talked about more. Her avatar in Krrish 3 was fresh and unique and the lady adapted to it very well. Her perofrmance as a negative-role was simply brilliant. his has proved the fact that she did not have to be the leading lady to prove her acting skills.

Even though Kangana and Priyanka Chopra are not rivals in any sense, the media senses a little competition between the two actresses. However, the two have rubbished all such reports and have made it clear that they are not fighting for the hero in the film.

Even though the two actress may not see this as a competition, many media channels are comparing the performances of the two ladies in the film. However, the smart ones might have already realised this that both the actresses have played extremely opposite roles in the movie and hence comparing their peroformance is not right. Priyanka’s role in the film is nothing uncommon and that’s the reason there is no buzz about it.
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