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Priyanka v/s Kangana: Who’s the mujra queen?

There has always been a clash between these two sirens. Priyanka Chopra and Kangana Ranaut had the best moments in their careers together. The film “Fashion” changed the graph of both their careers. There has been a lot of love, hate and God knows what between the two. They say they are friends but act like foes. Uff.. to much of competition we say. Now added to the never ending battle is a new fight. The battle of the “Mujra”. Yes! We saw PC sizzle in Ram Leela and Kangy baby didn’t want to be left behind so she decided to do one herself. Priyanka v/s Kangana: Who’s the mujra queen? we’ll find out.

Priyanka Chopra: Ram Leela

We have seen this lady in many sexy avatars before, but by God this is her sexiest till date. She sets fire to the screen in this song. Her jaw dropping white lehenga, her seductive moves, her mysterious tattoo, the modern mujra and the song, all of this makes this one of the most popular songs ever. The song created a huge frenzy with over 1 million hits in three days. This song is definitely our favorite.

Kangana Ranaut: Rajjo

The first of it’s kind for Ms.Ranaut and we must say she has impressed us. A classical mujra with soft music and nice beats, Kangana definitely had made an effort. She looks gorgeous in this all black lehenga and her figure is hot! We love how Kangana likes to experiment and has choosen something unique. Thumbs up to this daring girl!}} else {

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