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Bollywood Couples who have kept us in dark about their relationship!

Recently, Rani Mukerji was celebrating Diwali with her alleged beau Aditya Chopra and his entire family. Now we weren’t all that surprised by this cuz this isn’t the first time that Rani and the late Yash Chopra’s elder son Aditya have been spotted together. Not so long time back.. Rani tagged along with the Chopras to Switzerland for Pamela Chopra’s birthday. In fact, Adi-Rani’s wedding has been the talk of the town for ages now. The duo were supposed to tie the know last year, but the demise of Yash Chopra made them rethink. Rumours are rife that Ms Mukerji will finally marry her long-time beau early next year. While Rani and Aditya have continued to keep each other company wherever they go, neither have spilled the beans about their romance yet. This often has us wondering whether something really is brewing between them or not.

But that’s the way it is in Bollywood where everyone falls in love, but nobody wants to admit it openly. Probably this is the reason why most celebs prefer to play the hide-and-seek game!

For starters – Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif arrived at the Bachchans Diwali party together and even left in the same car. We all know about their no-so-secret Spanish holiday.. Still the Kapoor lad prefers to call Katrina as just ‘Special friend’. As if anybody is going to buy that!

Then we have youngesters Arjun Kapoor, Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan. The ‘Student of the Year’ babe has been linked with both the young actors. But is it Arjun or Varun.. we still didn’t get any answer, even though Alia usually insists that she is too young to be in a relationship and for now she would rather concentrate on her work.

On the other hand we have Aditya Roy Kapur and Shraddha Kapoor made us all very curious. They dine together, party together and are pretty much in-love, we hear, but nothing is official yet. It’s hard to figure if they are ‘just friends’ or there is more to it!

Last but not the least, Sonam Kapoor and her friendship with Punit Malhotra also took us by surprise. The two very close yet don’t disclose anything to the public, this one is complicated by Sonam’s reported new Spain-based beau…

While we are having a tough time deciding whether these celebs are or are not dating each other, you vote, tell us which of these Bollywood couples you think are truly romantically involved in real life!

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