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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan choses to chat with her friends on her B’day!

Foregoing a lavish party to bring in her brithday with joy no November 1st, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan instead chose to spend a very quite evening spending a quality time chatting with her college friends over dinner.

Says a source close to the Bachchan family, “Lately Aishwarya barely has time for family, let alone friends. Her husband Abhishek, in-laws and her parents complain she is so much on the move with her baby Aaraadhya that there is no time for the family to catch up with the super-itinerant mother-daughter pair. Aishwarya is so hands-on a mother that she takes Aaraadhya everywhere for her professional engagements.”

Given her hectic schedule, chances of meeting friends in this industry is very rare. The actress invited some of her close college friends for dinner on her birthday.

Says the source, “It was a very intimate gathering, Aishwarya wanted to catch up with her really close friends from college. They are married and have busy lives of their own. She was meeting them after years. Aishwarya preferred to do this long-pending rendezvous with her college friends on her birthday.”

The birthday bash combined with Diwali celebrations was on Sunday night when the Bachchans opened their doors to anyone from the film fraternity who cared to visit.
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