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Uff..Teri Ada: Deepikas’ look in Ram Leela

Whoever said one cannot look sexy in a traditional attire forgot Deepika Padukone in Ram Leela. What stands out in this film is her passionate romance with Ranveer Singh, her gorgeous body and of course DEEPIKA PADUKONE herself. Her look in Ram Leela is fresh and unlike anything she has donned before. She looks feminine and violent, homely and sexy, real and dream-like at the same time. She shows us how to embrace our bodies and that curves are a women best friend. She shows us why India and Indian attire rocks! Deepikas’ look in Ram Leela encoded for you guys!

Dream Girl

Deepika-Padhukone( in ram leela
She dances like there is no tomorrow and in this black choli and white lehenga she looks like a dream. We love how her “kamar” is highlighted and sways side to side making us fall more and more in love with her. If looks could kill, we would have been dead a million times.

Ghagra via Agra

Deepika-Padhukone in ram leela
Apparently this ghagra weights 50 kgs! She carriers it off effortlessly making it look like her second skin. Green and red is a combo that can never go wrong and if it’s on a beauty like her then it looks all the stunning.

Ishq wala love

Deepika-Padhukone in ram leela
In this she looks vulnerable and violent and oh so sexy! Black and red is a combo that can be worn anywhere, from prom to bedroom and you’ll look sizzling. This diva takes it to the next level and teases and tempts us more.

Pefect 10

Deepika-Padhukone in ram leela
A mistress, a seductress, temptation personified.. words fall short when we look at this picture. Deepika Padukone can make the married ones regret and the single men happy in this all white attire. this is a 10/10.

Bengali Bombshell

Deepika-Padhukone in ram leela
In her theeka Gujurati avatar she floors us, and in this bombshell Bengali avatar she kills us. Huge red bindi, thick locks, chunky jewelry and that killer smile! all we can say is Uff.. teri adda!

Close up

Deepika-Padhukone in ram leela
This damsel doesn’t need any make up to look beautiful. Her glowing skin, her innocent dancing eyes, her naughty tattoo and she, make this a look to die for!

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