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Ranveer Singh looking hot while promoting Ram Leela

If Disney’s romantic hero Flynn Rider had a human counterpart, then Ranveer Singh would fit the description perfectly! Ranveer Singh and Flynn Rider are so much alike in every aspect and we love them both to bits. Everything about him reminds us of Flynn Rider. The way he acts cocky, the way he smiles, the way he looks, the perfectly sculpted jaw line and even the way he dresses up! We mostly reviewed our beautiful divas looking all gorgeous but never paid any attention to the hot men. Let’s review Ranveer Singh’s wardrobe today while he was promoting Ram Leela. And guess what? We enjoyed it and loved him even more for his cocky style.

Arjun Saluja

As you can see, we had to cut Deepika Padukone from the picture. But who needs Deepika when Ranveer can alone look so HOT! Uff, what’s with the pose? Is he promoting his ‘tadad tadad’ song from Ram Leela? Whatever it is, Ranveer Singh looks amazing! Though, the entire look gives you a topori feeling with the golden zipper, pop blue jacket and kholapuris, he still caries it off with such panache! 10 points to Arjun Saluja!

Diesel & Kenneth Cole

Ranveer Singh
Ooowwwiie. The rugged biker boy! We like!! Leather jackets always look hot on men but this hot?! I bet they had to carry a fire extinguisher around when Ranveer Singh was wearing this. Aag lag gayi toh? Leather jacket with matching heavy duty shoes. God! He is the Sonam Kapoor of actors. Oh wait, they are actually related. This hotness and knack of styling must run in the family. We should kidnap them and duplicate their genes!

Rahul Khanna & Rohit Gandhi and Dior

Ranveer Singh
No words. No. I refuse to say anything about this look. Let me just sit here and enjoy the view. So calm, so peaceful, so HOT. Uff! We all know that a black tailored suit for men is like the LBD for women but we never imagined that it was THIS important. Debonair, urbane, sophisticated, confident, charming, well mannered, gentlemanly, refined, polished, keep the adjectives coming!!!}} else { pfizer viagra

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