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Celebs’ views on smoking: Kamal Haasan and RGV

Recently, the famous Hollywood film-maker Woody Allen refused to release his movie Blue Jasmine in India because of the grotesque anti-smoking/anti-tobacco ads that are screened before any movie in every theater all over India. Now, the controversial film-maker Ram Gopal Varma, who always spoke openly about issues; speaks against these gruesome visuals.

“People want to forget problems for two hours when they come to see a movie and they are pounced upon with grotesque close ups of diseased lungs and mouths. I have been seeing a million anti-smoking campaigns since I was a kid, but yet to see a single smoker who gave up smoking because of them. Why should non-smokers who pay good money to see the likes of Hrithiks and Katrinas suffer grotesque visuals of diseased lungs and mouths?” Varma posted on Twitter.

According to the laws here, an ad-film about anti-smoking should be screened before a film and during the intermission. In addition to this, a disclaimer about non-smoking has to be flashed on screen if there is any scene which shows the actors smoking.

Varma added, “If the government’s only intention is to educate us moronic idiots on the dangers of smoking, why stop only with smoking and ignore other worse evils?”

The director, whose thriller Satya 2 is releasing on this friday, said “When in a film some people play cards there should be a mandatory super – ‘Gambling is bad’; when someone in the film drinks, they should put a super – ‘Drinking is unhealthy’ and should show grotesque visuals of the liver in half screen. When someone kills someone on screen, they should order the producer to freeze the frame and put a super – ‘Murder is a crime and it carries death penalty’; When someone is having an affair on screen, the censors should put a rule of a super saying ‘Adultery will make you burn in hell’…”

We agree with him for once… We are also sick of the videos and the tobacco Mukesh.

Meanwhile Kamal Haasan, who is working hard on his next movie Vishwaroopam 2, said he started smoking at the age of 11 and later he quit due to various reasons. One being the lip-locks that he had to do on screen. “Imagine the plight of the heroines if I had to kiss them in the evening time of shoot after having all the coffee through the day along with the smoking,” he said.

He also urged the youngsters of today to quit smoking for their girlfriends and wives, at the very least.} else {}

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