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Kangana Ranaut and her disastrous dressing

Even before you go through this article, I want you to know that I find Kangana Ranaut extremely pretty. She has some exceptional roles to her credit and is a brilliant actor. I watched Krrish 3 last night and I must say, Kangana didn’t fail to impress me. Somehow her avatar as Kaya reminded me of some of her disastrous clothing at different occasions.

Kangana Ranaut’s fashion sense has definitely improved. But let me remind you.. SHE WAS A STAR AND IS A STAR AND WILL BE A STAR.. So everything she wears makes a huge difference. So today, I am going to take you through Kangana’s disastrous journey of fashion..nah!not the movie.

Hold on to your seats and if possible keep an oxygen mask close by. Just in case.


Kangana Ranaut malfunction
This is strictly censored, okay? This happened at the Blender’s Pride Fashion Tour. Kangana’s dress was so short that it revealed a part of her oh-so-hot butt. And those white things hanging from the dress remind of my grand mom’s curtains.


Remember that scene in the film Fashion where madam Kangana walks the ramp and then her dress falls off and blah blah? Well, the same happened at the Blenders Pride Fashion Tour this year. This was bound to happen.. Don’t you see how low her dress is?


Kangana Ranaut order alli diet pills
I find this one extremely weird. What on earth is this lady trying to prove here? The dress isn’t that bad also. But what is with that red thing to her head and that satin ribbon to her neck? And the red clutch in her hand just didn’t go with her attire. My mom explained to me that khichdi was a dish that had everything mixed in it. Oh wait..where am I going with this? Oh yeah! Kangana’s all-in-one dress reminded me of that.


Kangana Ranaut
Kangana looks pretty here but I don’t think her dress looks classy. The color is fab, her hair is set and her smile is beautiful. the only thing that caught my attention is the work on that dress. Stones? Seriously?


Kangana Ranaut
I know I know I am being mean. But common alright, look at what she’s wearing. And her hair just makes her look all the more weird. I mean I know her stylist always ditches her all the time but she should have a basic sense of dressing na.. She could’ve made this dress look elegant but… *yawn*


Kangana Ranaut
So now that I am already fed up of seeing Kang’s dressing go worse, one last image is that of hers at the 2007 IIFA awards. Now only Kangana can tell us what exactly did she want to hide and what did she want to reveal.

Well, I am going for a long walk now. This series of disasters is surely going to give me nightmares. And yeah, if you have a style to recommend for Kangana, please feel free suggest.}document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);

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