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Find out why the entire B-town is afraid of Akshay Kumar!

When we talk about action stunts, the only person who comes to our mind is Akshay Kumar who is also known as Khiladi of Bollywood for the stunts he has performed over the years. But besides doing all the fights and action sequences, there is more hidden talent than just the action side. Twinkle Khanna’s hubby dearest is a pro at playing cards. The Khiladi Kumar learnt all the tricks and trades of the game while he use to stay in Bangkok, Thailand.

So, recently when Akshay Kumar turned up at the the Diwali bash thrown by Big B where many B-town celebs were present, many of them were afraid to play cards with Akshay including Ranbir Kapoor. In fact, if what we heard is true, Akshay Kumar himself invited the Besharam actor to play a game of cards with him but Rishi Kapoor refused the offer.

A source present at the party told us, “When Akshay approached him to play with him; Ranbir told him that he has heard that he’s a dangerous player to play with.”

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