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Sunny Deol a man of steel!

He is a man of steel. Deep eyes, shy smile and a very reserved person. He likes it like that. That is Sunny Deol for all we know. A family is what describes him best. He is the kind of man that would read an article about a group of girls scaling up the Mt. Everest than reading some gossip. Sometimes it’s like he doesn’t belong to this industry that is a place for all cat fights and controversies.

Sunny Deol has had his share of hits in this industry, but more than hits he has had peace of mind, thanks to his non-controversial image. He comes from a family of superstars. His step mother, Hema Malini is the dream girl of the industry while his father, Dhramendra is the evergreen superstar of Bollywood. To Sunnny Deol his father is his everything, he considers his father to be the most good looking guy so far. He recently said in an interview that his father is the best actor, human and man that he has ever known. Ask him how he is as a father and he says he is strict, unlike his father. He thinks there is a strong demarcation between a friend and a father. He says if a father will be a friend then who will be a father? His siblings feel that he is too disciplined and he fondly says getting up early is discipline for his brother but for him it is a way of life.

Now his career has a new dimension to it. He is also a producer. Though acting continues to be his passion. No one would believe when we say that he is 56, because he is as active as an actor would be when he is 25. We think its his discipline that has made him what he is today. Life is not a bed of roses for anyone, he has had his share of problems, he has seen lows professionally but worse of all was his injury. He says in his career that has lasted 30 years he has spent 5 years on the bed because of his backache. Well all in all, we can say he is one of the fewest gems of the industry and we totally love him for his straight-forwardness!

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