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Kabir Bedi is feeling very sad about the property dispute!

For the past few weeks, Pooja Bedi and her father Kabir Bedi’s companion Parveen Dusanj’s dispute over property has been making headlines every now and then.

Apparently, Pooja told Parveen and Kabir to move out of the property which according to Pooja belongs to her mother Protima Bedi, and Pooja later sold off the property.

However, a close friend of Kabir Bedi has revealed that the flat was in fact gifted by Kabir to Pooja way back in 1977.

Says the friend, “The apartment ‘Beach House’ is not Pooja’s mother’s flat, as claimed in the press. Kabir had gifted the flat to Pooja in 1977 by Trust Deed and had been paying her rent for staying there ever since Kabir returned to India in the early 1990s.”

The dispute, says Kabir’s friend, was not about who owned the property. “The dispute was about Pooja raising the rent on the flat after Kabir had refurbished it at great personal expense. Pooja didn’t need to exercise that right. After all, she lives in a lavish Versova penthouse that once belonged to her ex-husband.”

Kabir’s friend says Kabir immediately left the disputed home when she asked him to. “Kabir vacated the home in January. There was absolutely no reason to bring Parveen into this sordid business.”

Meanwhile, Pooja Bedi’s close friend has another story.

Says the friend, “This matter is a year old. Pooja doesn’t wish to react negatively to any of the nonsense being thrown her way. Time will reveal the truth.”

Pooja’s friend has blamed a socialite for getting out the dipute into public domain. “A bitchy South Mumbai socialite whom Pooja has been ignoring and snubbed openly at a function recently, is behind this.”

Kabir Bedi finally broke his silence to say, “I am very upset that Pooja is targeting Parveen when the dispute was between me and her.”

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