Amol Palekar: I will not watch the match for Sachin

Actor-filmmaker Amol Palekar, who is also a cricket fan, says he will watch the test match between Indian and West Indies at Wankhede Stadium on November 14th because of his love for cricket; not because it is Sachin Tendulkar’s last match.

“I will go to Wankhede, not because Sachin is playing his last match but I am a great cricket buff and I love the nuances of not only Tests, but also Ranji matches,” he told the media.

Talking about his love for the game, he added, “While shooting, there is a great turmoil in the unit when I am watching a cricket match during breaks. My wife complains of this – have you come to watch cricket or for shooting. That’s how I am so much excited about cricket.”

Cricket and Bollywood sure are two religions in our country!

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