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Ajay Devgn and Prabhu Deva to resume Action Jackson

Recently, it was rumored that Ajay Devgn wanted to see how Prabhu Deva’s R…Rajkumar fares before venturing into working with him for the movie Action Jackson. Sources have rubbished that talk and said the shoot for Action Jackson began long ago and the will resume shooting on November 10th.

“No one in the cast and crew of Action Jackson is aware of where did this rumour originate from. More than 20 days of film’s shoot has already taken place and Ajay as well as Prabhu Dheva are very happy with the results so far. The action sequences have turned out really well. There was a break which was as planned since Prabhu Dheva has to work on the promotion as well as patch work of R… Rajkumar. Meanwhile, Ajay had other engagements as well,” informs our source.

“When someone has two Hindi blockbusters (Wanted, Rowdy Rathore) and over two decades of experience in the industry with eight other films made as a director in different languages, you don’t start questioning the capabilities of a filmmaker. Least of all, Ajay is hardly the kind of person who interferes in such matters once on board for a film,” adds the source.

The team is going to resume work with a bang from next week.

“It is going to be another 25 day long shoot and by the time R… Rajkumar arrives on 6th December, 50% of Action Jackson would be over. Where does the question of ‘seeing what I have done in R… Rajkumar and taking a call’ come into picture,” Prabhu Deva himseld says…

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