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Director Bilal Lashari talks about ‘Waar’ release in India!

A section of media might write off this film as anti-India. However, the 31 year old debut director Bilal Lashari believes that a lot is being read between the lines without much detail.. Though the director confesses that there is a subtle hint of select Indian characters causing troubles in Pakistan.

“Even I was amazed when I came across an entire 15 minute long video feature that insinuated that Waar was anti-India. That is not the case. It is a patriotic film and that’s about it. As a matter of fact a few amongst those who have seen the film wondered why the Indian angle was so subtle. They felt that I should have been a lot more vocal. However that’s not the way I wanted to narrate the story of Waar. If you run an agenda like this for a film, it won’t necessarily form connect with the audience. There is a lot more that needs to go in a story than throw in pointers that are provocative,” says Bilal from Pakistan.

“We are now looking at the film being released internationally so that it reached out to a larger set of audience and its true worth is seen,” says Bilal whose film is enjoying an IMDB rating of over 9(which is very rare to see) and after beating the opening day record of Chennai Express, is also the highest Pakistani film grosser ever.

When we asked about the chances of his movie seeing the light in India despite it’s volatile content, Bilal says, “I am hopeful that happens. I don’t see any reason why that should be a problem. We are in talks with distributors internationally.”

It is heavily expected that Waar may be heavily edited if at all it manages to make it to India.

Bilal further added, “As I said earlier, the film has a lot to tell on it’s own than focus on any agenda or propaganda. I am willing to make adjustments to the copy that reaches India.”

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