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Some facts about Shahrukh Khan on his birthday!!

We all know that Shahrukh Khan can effortlessly make any girl go gaga over him. The Shahrukh we see onscreen is different from the one in real life. Today, on his birthday, we will give you some facts about him that probably you haven’t known.

Here it is!!

1. SRK’s first ticket to success was with the TV serial Fauji in which he essayed the role of Abhimanyu Rai.

2. He has two children- Aryan and Suhana and he teaches them both to love and respect Allah and Ganapati equally.

3. ‘LET’S DO IT’ is King Khan’s favorite phrase. He is often heard saying this.

4. One of SRK’s favorite films is Dil Hain Ki Maanta Nahi.

5.A perfume by the name SK was lauched by French perfumers Jeannes Arthes. This was exclusively launched on Shahrukh’s name.

6.Shahrukh’s father passed away when he was 15, and his mother died in his arms when he was 25.

7. SRK used to sit with his dad and discuss life and philosophy

8. Shahrukh wants to be known as a better father than a better actor.

9. One of King Khan’s biggest phobias is that of ‘riding horses’.

10. Hugs from his kids helps him overcome his sadness.

11.SRK won the Raman Subramanyam Award in Class 10th and the Sword of Honour in class 12.

12. SRK is a bad swimmer.

13. For the love of films, SRK began studying well since his mother promised to take him to the cinemas if he scored well in Hindi.

14. SRK loves dogs. At the moment, he has 4 dogs namely Hulk, Juicy, Dash and Kai.

15. Shahrukh Khan is very possessive about his wife Gauri Khan. He lovingly calls her Gaurima.

16. Shahrukh Khan’s father and mother are pathan and Hyderabadi respectively.

17. He is known to maintain a low profile about his social works.

18. Shahrukh Khan ran a restaurant in Old Delhi for a brief period before starting his acting career.

19. While everyone wears their wedding ring on the left hand, SRK wears it on his right.

20. Shahrukh Khan is all set to write an autobiography. The writing process has already begun.

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