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Top 7 Bollywood celebrities that resemble fire crackers

The much-awaited festival of lights is finally here! Shimmering diyas and glimmering lanterns light up the whole country. Diwali is the time to wear your best clothes, decorate your homes, commit the “sweet” sin, there’s music, fun, masti, and of course firecrackers. Personally speaking, I’m not into bursting crackers and shooting rockets. But c’mon after all it’s Diwali, and as much fun one has bursting crackers, watching them is equally exciting. Our B-town celebs too, have taken out time from their busy schedule, to celebrate this festival with much pomp and fanfare. While they have big plans already ready for the day, we bring to you a list of Bollywood celebrities who represents firecrackers.

Hydrogen bomb – Kareena Kapoor

Who better than our Kareena Kapoor represents this bomb! Not only does she look like one, she also drops them on others. (Remember when she tagged John Abraham as expressionless and accused PeeCee of putting up a fake accent?)

2000 wala garland – Ranveer Singh

A fire cracker must be loud or they ain’t called one. The louder the better. And nothing gets louder (or longer) than 2000 wala garland. We think Ranveer Singh depicts this 2000 wala garland like no one else. Loud, enthusiastic, careless, chatterbox, all these qualities is so Ranveer. He jabbers non-stop!

Phuljhari – Katrina Kaif

There is no fun and Dewali seems incomplete without phuljharis. Katrina Kaif is best suited for sparkles. She’s always smiling, her face glows like a bulb and she’s forever filled with positivity. Moreover, her calm posture towards rumors and speculations makes her a perfect philjhari.

Zamin chakkar – Salman Khan

Isn’t it fun watching the zamin chakka whizz past everyone, changing colors and wandering aimlessly? One has to duck, jump or move sideways to avoid the sparks from touching you! And we think, Salman Khan’s has a ditto same personality as that of a chakkar. Sometimes he’s sweet and the next moment he transforms into an angry young man. He can also be witty, cocky, cheeky, all at the same time. Whatever it is, it’s always exciting to see his eccentric behavior.

Conical Anar/Flower pots – Shahrukh Khan

Everybody loves flower pots and everybody loves Shahrukh Khan. What does a flower pot do? Well, it’s harmless, a favorite with kids and can light up the atmosphere, especially when 2 or more are lit together. What does Shahrukh do? Well, He’s harmless, a favorite with kids and can light up the screen, with his mere presence. He is a humble anar.

Rockets with time rain effect – Deepika Padukone

You simply cannot take your eyes off these gorgeous fireworks when they’re up in the sky spreading colorful sparks all around. And the same goes for Deepy too. When she comes on screen, it’s difficult to take our eyes off her. Not to forget the ‘sky-rocketing’ box office results! Her success rate has left behind Priyanka Chopra, Bipasha Basu and several other bombshells.

Roll caps in the Gun – Sonam Kapoor

At first glance, the gun will scare the s**t out of you, but once the trigger is pulled, the tuk-tuk sound will be a big disappointment. Same is the case with Sonam Kapoor. At first, we thought she would make it big with her gorgeous beauty, super sense of fashion and star kid status, but with a string of flops, she left us disappointed just like the roll caps in the gun.

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