REVEALED!! Beauty secrets of Ileana D’cruz

Ileana D’cruz to most of us is like a breath of fresh air. She is sweet, simple and a very warm person. She’s almost like Genelia minus the bubbly nature. Ileana is quite and shy and likes to keep things to herself. She made our knees go weak with her performance in Barfi! For those of us, who knew her from her Tollywood days, she made us proud. Not many Tollywood ladies get to act with a two big hotshots in the same movie. Agreed that there wasn’t any glamour involved but her performance was definitely praise worthy.

After her natural look in Barfi! we were dying to know her make up secrets, her beauty regime and her fitness mantra! In a recent interview with a popular daily, Ileana revealed all of these secrets and our hearts jumped with joy! Lets take a look at what she loves the most and what she avoids at all costs!

Lets go over her mantras first!
Style mantra: “I’m extremely simplistic when it comes to style; I don’t like taking risks. I like wearing simple styles, nothing OTT, and something that fits really well.” See? We told you she’s very shy. Those innocent eyes and that killing sweet smile speaks a lot!

Beauty mantra: “Good hair and skin boost self-confidence. Thank God, I’m naturally blessed with them; I have to do very little to look good. But I also have incredibly sensitive skin, so I don’t really experiment much with it.” Hmph! Only if we could go to the supermarket and buy confidence! Life would be so much easier. Don’t you think?

And now. What’s her beauty regime? “Hectic work schedules and erratic film shoots take a toll on my skin and hair, but I combat these problems by sticking to eating healthy, drinking lots of water, exercising and keeping stress at bay.” Next time we leave our house, we are going to make sure that we have a bottle of water with us!

What about your fitness routine with a hectic schedule? “I do a lot of Pilates. It’s something that has really worked for me. Unfortunately, I cannot run since I have a really bad knee, but I try and walk as much as possible. I walk for about 40 minutes every day.” Owh! Pilates! We love you Ileana!!

We all have bad hair days. Aishwarya Rai says she has them to but oiling her hair keeps these bad hair days at bay. What do you think Ileana’s secret is? “Apart from oiling and massaging, I wash my hair with ‘Clear’ shampoo because its nutrium oil complex content helps improve scalp health. In fact, from the time I started using ‘Clear’, I have never had a camera-shy moment.” Hmm.. even she oils her hair. Everyone is oiling their hair these days. Whats up ladies?! Or maybe she’s just endorsing the brand. Whatever it is, we are going to take these tips to our hearts!

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