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Prabhudeva makes Sonu-Sonakshi stand in river for hours for Rajkumar!

Prabhudeva as we all know is a very hard worker and also an excellent dancer. In fact, even at this age he is considered as India’s best dancer. Of late, he has turned into a director and he doesn’t pander to star tantrums. If rumours are to be believed, we heard that for a particular scene in ‘R… Rajkumar’, Prabhudeva got Sonakshi Sinha and Sonu Sood to stand in water for almost eight hours!

The actors didn’t hesitate and didn’t have many issues getting wet in the water. However, their opinions changed when they saw the locals used the river to wash their clothes, buffaloes and vessels.

As a result the river water was muddy and smelly. But Prabhudeva who is known for his precision was not willing to give Sonakshi and Sonu any relief for their despair.

So, despite the dirt and smell, the actors had to stay in the same water for hours in the end.

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