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Dhoom 3 Trailer: A Rip Off of Now You See Me

Ever since the trailer of Dhoom 3 was released on YouTube on October 30, it has become a massive hit; with over a million people watching the video. The movie is the most awaited film of this year and the trailer was equally awaited but, it has got mixed reviews from the public. A lot of comments on the video say it seems like a copy of the super-hit Hollywood film Now You See Me.

Now You See Me is a robber-film in which the 4 robbers are stage-performers. In Dhoom 3, Aamir Khan is a circus performer and he is the robber in the movie. In the trailer, a younger version of Aamir Khan’s character is shown performing on stage with his father and later is shown screaming for his father; as if something drastic happened to the father. Now this all is uncannily similar to Now You See Me.

One Sooraj Nair comments on the video “#Withduerespect – The movie seems like the ditto copy of the Hollywood movie ‘Now you see me’ ! – Background music is copied from ‘Max Payne 1’ & ‘Need for Speed MW’. – Poster is copied from ‘Dark Night Rises’. – Some scenes are taken from the movie ‘The Prestige’ ! Just one question.. Dear Aamir Khan, Where is perfection now!”

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  1. Tom

    November 1, 2013 at 1:10 pm

    Absolutely agree, parts of the trailer does seem quite familiar. Plus, by just looking at the trailer i think i predict the whole movie.

    Aamir’s character obviously went through an emotional trauma as a kid, with his father dying and all. So he feels he was deprived of having a good life, so he robs. And due to his amazing acrobatic talents and the style in which he robs, he’s got the cops on his tale (of course, Abhishek with his ridiculous stern face, trying so hard to play the no-nonsense cop). Then, along the way he meets a beautifully, talented performer (Kats), who he obviously falls in love with (who wouldn’t).
    Throw a couple of songs into the mix, some romantic moments, a few action sequences, a couple of predictable twists, and you get DHOOM 3!!!!
    Basically, a different version of Dhoom 2, maybe with better action sequences. I sincerely hope i didn’t ruin the movie for anyone.
    * wink :)

    • Ammara

      November 2, 2013 at 2:25 am

      Yes! And I have a strong feeling that he’s trying to be something like Neal Caffrey from White Collar! Anddd Katrina Kaif could also be an alias like Aishwarya!

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