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B.A.Pass filmmaker has creative differences with Mukesh Bhatt

B.A.Pass fame filmmaker Ajay Bahl recently walked out of a Vishesh Film’s ventur due to some creative differences with Mukesh Bhatt.

Bahl told this newspaper, “I couldn’t find common ground with the production house. We both felt it was best to call it quits before the film goes on floor. Though Mahesh Bhatt tried his best to resolve the issues between us but the Vishesh Films’ culture of filmmaking didn’t match with my cinematic sensibilities.”

When contacted, Mukesh Bhatt opined that Bahl’s early exit was better than a long conflict. “We have different mindsets which were not compatible, so it is better to abort the journey before the plane takes off.” Mahesh, who first signed Bahl for the film, tried to salvage the situation after he got to know of the director’s exit from actor Raj Kumar who is playing the lead in the film.

“I was hoping against hope that Ajay and my company would make this ‘marriage’ work but I was wrong. The trust deficit between the production department and the director was huge. I had diffused a head-on collision between the two once before. But when in my absence the drama enlarged, I knew that this journey would turn into a nightmare. So we decided to part gracefully. It is possible that either Hansal Mehta or Vishal Mahadkar will now direct Citylight,” said Bhatt.

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