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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s Fashion, Style and Make up secrets!

We love Asihwarya Rai Bachchan. A word against her and all our defenses are up and we might get into a pretty heated argument if the opposing party doesn’t stop. There was a reason why she was the crowned the Miss World in 1994 guys! It’s because of her flawless looks and her gracious sense of style.

I personally have never seen Aishwarya Rai do anything morally wrong for five minutes of publicity. She’s always dressed for the occasion, ready to kill us with her oomph factor!

In an recent interview with a popular tabloid, Aishwarya Rai spoke her heart out. From looking beautiful, to hair, to make-up, to favourite brands, to must haves! She gave it all out and we love her for it!! Well, these are her beauty secrets and if used right by the ladies, we can all look as gorgeous as her and become weapons of mass destruction! How conceited of me to say that! But never mind. We will go right on and discuss what happened in the interview!

Aishwarya Rai was asked how does she manage to look beautiful all the time? I mean, everyone has their highs and lows and ups and downs and what not. There must be one bad day right? One day where she just feels like loafing around in sweats and not giving a damn about the world, the media, the shutterbugs, the fans and all? Right? Her reply made me drop my jaw! This lovely lady says “I firmly believe that one’s innermost thoughts are reflected on one’s face. You’ve got to be yourself and be positive. That’s what works for me.” Wow! She’s just amazing. Well, she also said she drinks at least 10 glasses of water to flush all the toxins and be hydrated but we already know that.

Did I mention how much we love Aishwarya Rai? Yes, I think I did. When she was grilled about her daily routine, she says, “I avoid fast food, I don’t smoke or drink, and I love eating fruits, veggies, and healthy dairy products. I also follow a very basic CTM routine with the purest of ingredients. But I get tired too and have bad hair days as well. It’s normal. Thankfully, my skin is fine, but on days that I feel I need to even it out, I apply L’Oreal Paris True Match Mineral Foundation in Sable Dore. The trick is to buff it for a light glow instead of brushing it in.” See? even she has bad hair days!

She was also asked a very silly question. What does she like on her eyes? Du-oh! She always has the smokey eye look! Why bother asking? But again, Ash was kind enough and replied, “Mickey Contractor keeps teaching me tricks to try. I like using L’Oréal Original Voluminous Mascara. For a smokey look, I prefer the Contour Kohl in Noir Intense with the Super Liner in Carbon Gloss”. In case you are wondering who Mickey Contractor is? He is her personal/favorite make up artist!

What are her five favorite things?
Lipstick: My signature lipstick, L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Star Secrets Crystal in Copper. It’s moisturising, and the crystals add the extra dose of glam.
Makeup artist: Mickey Contractor; nobody can do the no-makeup look like him.
Hairstylist: Josh Wood. Like me, he does not believe in product overload.
Ritual: Milk and yogurt face massage.
Perfume: Happy by Clinique.

Talking about indulgence, Aishwarya Rai says she loves to indulge in Essential oils! Who would have thought of that? Agreed that they are sinfully amazing but a hotshot like Ash indulging on them? Wow, that’s pretty down to earth of her.

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