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Kamal Haasan: Indian Cinema is in need of some transparensy!

Recently, a conclave took place in Bangalore, The Media and Entertainment Business Conclave (MEBC) which is driven by the Federation of India Commerce and Industry (FICCI).The chairman of the conclave, Kamal Haasan spoke in a recent interview about the future and scope of Indian Cinema and said that there should be more transparency at the box-office.

Giving an insight on the box office collections, Kamal Haasan said, “In our country we have a 1-billion strong audience and it is not difficult to make 10 per cent of that population in India watch a super-hit film. Even if 10 per cent watch a movie, at today’s prices, that makes it Rs 1,000 crore collected on theatricals alone. We are not looking into the transparency and honesty angle adequately.”

Kamal Haasan mentioned that the present collection process is not at all transparent and that if it were, then Indian collections would have been bigger than that of Hollywood’s
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