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Doctor attending Juhi Chawla’s brother accused of harassing maid!

A doctor who lives with actor Juhi Chawla’s ailing brother Bobby has now been accused of threatening a 19-year-old maid after she complained of being physically abused in the house.

The complainant told the Oshiwara Police that for the past one month, Bobby’s attendant Gopal and Juhi’s cook had been harassing her, touching her inappropriately and would hit her.

The complainant’s sister said, “My sister had started working for the Chawlas barely a month ago, and her ordeal began from the first week itself. Gopal and Juhi’s cook would get drunk and harass her, pull her hair and beat her up when she would protest. Bobby Chawla’s wife promised to look into her complaints but nothing happened, and when she quit the job,Bobby’s doctor abused her and threatened to frame her in theft cases.”

Last Tuesday, the maid left the house with her sister, leading to several calls from Shelke, the complaint said. “He was abusive, and threatened to ruin ourlives.The calls continued the next day as well,following which we filed a police complaint,” the complainant’s sister said.

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