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Rajinikanth makes way for Sunny Leone’s Jackpot!


Sunny Leone’s movie, Jackpot has been given a boost over it’s release date as director Kaizad Gustad (who also directed Katrina Kaif’s Boom) will now release on December 13.  The plan was to release the film early next year but Rajnikanth’s Kochadaiiyaan got postponed leaving the December 13th slot open for the Jackpot team.

Says Kaizad, “We got this vacant Friday all of a sudden and we decided to make the best of it. As it is, I shot the film in record time, just 27 days. And now we’re rushing through the post-production to reach the new deadline.”

Apparently, the film’s leading man Sachiin Joshi urged director Kaizad Gustad to step on the accelerator for the rush-release.

Sunny Leone was dubbed in her debut flick Jism 2 but now the actress will be seen speaking in her own voice in Jackpot!
“Yes, Sunny will speak her own lines. We’re working very hard to get her dialogue-delivery in place. We see Jackpot as Sunny’s re-launch,” said Kaizad.

Sunny Leone seems mighty charged with the challenge of mastering the rashtra-bhasha. “I have learned all my Hindi lines for all my movies here. Even though Jism 2 was dubbed, I still had to learn every single word. And in Ragini MMS too, I will be dubbing my own voice. It’s very important to me to learn and work hard to get it right. I am extremely competitive so when someone tells me I can’t do something like act, dance, express emotions on screen, or speak Hindi, all it makes me do is work harder to prove all those negative people wrong.” 

Sunny adds, “Daniel and I are of course excited about the release, and look forward to my fans’ reactions.”


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