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Priyanka Chopra: I put Lipstick even at 3 am in the morning!

Actress Priyanka Chopra has become a very powerful style diva of late in the Bollywood industry. People simply love the way she looks and dresses. Priyanka is one of those very few stars who looks stunning at any point of the day. Explaining about her perfect looks, Priyanka said that she is quite conscious about the way she looks or dresses up.

And when some daily manages to ask her the secret behind the perfect look, even after a long fight, to which Priyanka Chopra said that it’s due to the photographers, who stand outside the airport to take snaps of the celebs. The actress even revealed that she puts on lipstick even at 3 am in the morning before getting on to the flight, as she knows there will be photographers eagerly waiting to snap her outside the airport.

She further added that she is very conscious about her looks. “It’s not that today being an actress, I am concerned about how I look. I liked to be well-turned-out even when I was in school. My dad hated it if I looked like a jhalli. It was a rule in our family for all the women, to be presentable and well-turned-out,” Priyanka told the daily.

“My mother and I were never allowed to walk out in our nighties. So when I walk out of an aircraft, I make my hair and wear my jacket. And I do that not only in India, but also when I land abroad as there are people all over to look at you”, she added.

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