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How Gauri coped with Shahrukh-Priyanka’s alleged relationship

Shahrukh-Priyanka’s alleged relationship is a hot and spicy topic of discussion in B-town. While some say Ms. Chopra is simply using SRK’s name to climb the success ladder, others are busy sympathizing with Gauri Khan. One of the most ridiculous rumor that was doing rounds recently was, the alleged couple have secretly tied the knot. OMG! We wonder how Gauri must have digested it. Anyway, now it seems like the first lady of Bollywood – Gauri Khan is coping up with the entire PC-SRK episode.

Early last year

Buzz was that Shahrukh Khan was giving special treatment to PeeCee over other actresses. Apparently, the actor was recommending her to producers, etc. At that time, Gauri chose to ignore the controversy, tagging it as a mere professional relationship. But slowly, PC became a regular visitor at Mannat (That’s where SRK and Gauri reside), making casual visits and attending house parties.

Gauri made efforts to extend Priyanka a warm hand

Back then, the slightly insecure Gauri did make efforts to extend a warm hand to PeeCee.
According to a source, “Shah Rukh had kept a party for a selected few at Mannat after his return from Berlin from the Don 2 schedule. Priyanka was invited as well. She turned up late, and surprisingly spent most of the time chatting with Gauri. Every one including KJo was stumped with this new bonding.” Interestingly, Gauri also asked her close friends to shut up when they warned her of Priyanka’s ways.

Shahrukh-Priyanka’s closeness

Soon Shahrukh-Priyanka started hosting award shows together, traveling for film festivals and even trying to get themselves brand endorsements as a pair. This behavior of the two started to add fuel to the fire and Gauri started to have mood swings. Says a source, “There were days when she would roam around the house wearing dark glasses and only come out to see her kids off to school. She wasn’t taking it too well and it was quite apparent. The only support she had during this time was her BFF Sussane Roshan who perhaps took a leaf out of her own book (Hrithik’s torrid affair with Barbara Mori) offering solace to her friend.”

Matter get bad to worse

Matters worsened when PeeCee stopped getting invited to parties, but would later be invited on SRK’s request. Even Karan Johar, who was then at loggerheads with Priyanka, had to swallow his pride and invite Priyanka Chopra to his birthday bash.

An eye witness who attended the bash reveals, “Shah Rukh played the perfect host for Priyanka. The moment she walked in, he jumped over the couch, received her with a kiss on her cheek and went around introducing her to everyone in the room. All this happened in front of Gauri who was left standing in a corner clutching her glass of a non alcoholic drink. After returning home, the couple had a huge show down where the two gave each other ultimatums. Gauri was clear that she didn’t want her husband working with Priyanka. Shah Rukh on the other hand brushed the warning off and continued to court Chopra.”

Gauri washes her hands off the controversy!

Realizing that her negativity was spoiling things even more, Gauri finally decided to let go of the situation. It was pretty obvious at a recent event when Gauri made a solo appearance, dressed to kill. She was seen talking to almost everyone at the party, flashing (or may be faking) a big broad smile. An insider revealed, “Gauri feels like a new person. She has turned to reading, meditation, taken a spiritual path. Her insecurity about losing her husband is nowhere to be seen and those who have met her recently only talk about how she is glowing and radiating happiness.”

Meanwhile… All Izzzz Wellll

Shahrukh Khan has however rubbished all the above rumors, and the couple celebrated the 22 years of togetherness very recently, are very much in love. Shahrukh says, Gauri completes him. The duo also had their third baby, AbRam, this May.

Whatever be the case, we truly wish the best for the Khan khandaan.


  1. nevermindthis

    May 13, 2014 at 3:34 pm

    HI-larious! ALL we read are tabloids and stories. You know? If Shahrukh Khan had cheated on Gauri with all the people he was accused of cheating on Gauri with, then he would be dumped on his ass. The thing that we all forget is that we know nothing about these people’s personal lives other than what they tell us or what we read in blogs and tabloids. As long as they are married and look happy then I believe that none of this shit in the tabloids are true.

  2. Van Si Fuder

    June 1, 2013 at 1:09 am

    It is true. They had an affair while making the movie. Shahrukh put his family at risk just because a nonsense actress told the world she had a crush on him. If she had never said that, he probably wouldn’t have even noticed her. But as Shahrukh gets older he MUST prove his sexuality. Most men do this as they age. So this is just an unfair move to prove to himself his own vanity. Amitabh did the same with Rekka. In the end, Gauri is going to be the last one to laugh. Because of Shahrukh’s impulsive behavior, he keeps getting hated by many. Let’s hope he finally learns something from it. He should totally ignore Priyanka, but his vanity won’t let him. Well… here you do, here you pay. Let’s show Shahrukh what he deserves. That’s why many are boycotting his movies and PC movies as well.

    • Sharon

      October 31, 2013 at 11:53 pm

      I totally agree with you!

      • sam

        January 10, 2014 at 9:11 pm

        disagree with you totallyyyyyyyyyy hey srk had same situation with kajol, then rani, gauri knows this better, no one is boycotting his film, and he did not need to prove his sextuality to his wife! don’t forget srk is muslim and gauri is hindu, they got married when this relationship was not accepted by our society!

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