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Exclusive Trailer: Sunny Deol is back with a vengeance in Singh Saab!

Sunny Deol is coming back to the big screen with a bang with his dhai kilo ka haath to destroy the bad guys in director Anil Sharma’s slambang action movie ‘Singh Saab The Great’.

The movie will se Sunny Deol playing a role of a collector in the small city of UP. In the movie, his character takes pride in honesty, leads a very simple life and beleieves in his duties. However, where there is a Bollywood movie, there has to be intense drama. The honest man is framed for taking bribes of Rs 10 crore and hence gets arrested and is sent to prison.

Even as he seeks revenge from his enemies(Prakash Raj), Sunny Deol sees a new way. Badla nahin badlaav (Change rather than revenge).

Hence begins a reformation. The good stands up against the evil. “Duniya buri isliye nahin hai kyonki bure logon ke haath mein takat hai. Duniya buri isliye hai kyonki acche log ek saath milkar apni takat ka sahi istemal nahin karte,” he declares.

Sunny Deal like in his previous movies shows his muscle power and even uprrots a tree. We were dissapointed to see no hand-pump scene.

Singh Saab The Great also stars Bollywood actors like Amrita Rao, Anjali Abrol, Prakash Raj and new find Urvashi Rautela. The film will hit theatres on November 22. Make sure to watch this nobel man take on the evils with his ‘dhai kilo ka hath’ all alone. Meanwhile here is the trailer of the movie. If you liked the trailer of the movie, then please make your thoughts into a written form. You can use the comments section below to convey your thoughts!

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