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Bollywood and Hollywood praise Anil Kapoor’s 24!

Anil Kapoor’s television debut – ’24’ has got a huge positive response from the audience and the TV series is also getting a lot of appreciation from not just Bollywood, but his colleagues in Hollywood as well. In fact, Anil Kapoor’s 24 is probably the only one of a kind huge budget show for the Indian audiences.

Tom Cruise, with whom Anil Kapoor had acted in ‘Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol’ has helped him prepare for the role by imparting tips on the running sequences. Cruise has also made his support public through a tweet, saying, ‘Follow the Man’.

That’s not it. Kiefer Sutherland, the original Jack (the role which Anil plays in the Indian counterpart) has congratulated Anil for the show’s big launch.

Says Anil, “I am humbled to have received so much appreciation and support, not only from my friends in Bollywood, but also from those in Hollywood. When we brought 24 to India, we had a huge responsibility on our shoulders — to do justice to the show’s format while matching international standards. Getting appreciated by the international film fraternity makes me feel that we have done justice to the show.”
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