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Aamir Khan doesn’t want to associate with the biography made on him!

It’s quite interesting the way the publishers and authors negotiate with Bollywood celebs.. According to a report, author Christina Daniel wrote a book on Aamir Khan ‘I Will Do It My Way’. The book publishers have managed to part ways with over a 5,000 copies and the author as a reward got a little festive gift from her publishers in the form of a fat royalty cheque.

But, it looks like the publication of book and it’s good run at the stores has not gone down well with Aamir Khan and his family. The actor refused to authorize the book right at the inception, he even turned down Christina’s requests for support. The duo had a long session of meeting so that Aamir could get an idea about what the book is all about. Later, Aamir wasn’t impressed and made it clear to the author and the publisher that he would not like to have any association what so ever with the book in any form whatsoever.

The publisher fearing a fallout with the powerful Khan went ahead with the book but without any quotes in it. Interestingly, Mansoor Khan, whose QSQT is now the subject of a book by Gaurav Chintamani, often uses this incident as a cautionary tale for anyone who approaches him or Aamir with a publishing idea.

Meanwhile, our source revealed to us, the book released on Rakesh Roshan’s birthday was a ‘dummy book’ which was launched by his daughter Sunaina. A lot of hype was made about the ‘surprise gift’ from Hrithik and Sunaina to their daddy, titled To Father, With Love. What we have heard is that the book, which is said to hit the stands in a few days, is far from being ready – not even one page has been edited, the source revealed. Adding to it was the ‘star-struck publisher’s idea to release the book even before it was written’.

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