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Shahrukh Khan: Women will rule B-town next year!

Shahrukh Khan, after making sure that the actress’ name comes first in the credits role, SRK will now try and do the same with award shows next year. His recent blokbuster, ‘Chennai Express’, had the actress Deepika Padukone’s name over that of SRK’s in the credit roles.

When asked if he wanted to do the same in the award shows, SRK said, “I think they should do it. I am hosting an award show next year and I will ensure that the best actress award should be saved for the last. It is a nice thing. Hindi films, and films at large, are a little patriarchal. But don’t worry. It will change in the next ten years. Women will rule.”

Director and good friend R Balki’s Tata Tea ad was the place from where Shahrukh Khan got the inspiration to put Deepika’s name in the beginning of the film. “Balki had made that ad for Tata Tea and I got the idea. Since Chennai Express is our film, I could take the call. We will do the same thing with Farah’s Happy New Year,” he added.

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