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Ram Gopal Varma Gets Death Threats | Gets Police Protection

Ram Gopal Varma recently got a death threat from the underworld, in connection to his upcoming movie Satya 2, which is based on the underworld. Initial reports said the threat was in connection with a line from the movie, that says the era of Chota Rajan is over.

But contrary to the reports, a source close to Varma said, “The reports that a particular gangster took umbrage to one specific line on the posters is false. When the cops intercepted the threat calls there was no mention of any particular reason for the threat. But there was specific mention of eliminating Ram Gopal Varma. That’s when the Mumbai cops decided to act.”

Three security personnel have been deployed at Ramu’s home and four more will accompany the director to and from his office. The source adds, “Ramu has been under threat in the past as well. But never so seriously. Though he makes light of it, those close to him are worried.”

Because of the seriousness of the issue, Ramu’s movements have been restricted as the source says “Ramu’s movements have been restricted. As long as the threat remains he will commute from home to his workplace and keep the social interaction at the minimum. In any case Ramu is not too much into socializing. So he’s not really affected by the restricted movements.”

Meanwhile, the radical film-maker is all praise for the Pakistani film Waar and admitted that he watched the film on a pirated DVD. The director tweeted, “For those asking how I got to see Waar, I must confess and apologize that I saw pirated (DVD) as I was unable to resist after hearing about it from many here.”document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);

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