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Krrish 3: Doing 3 roles in the movie, Hrithik’s body takes a toll!

Hrithik Roshan, for the first time will be seen doing 3 roles in a same movie! Rohit, Krishna and Krrish – in Raksesh Roshan’s upcoming directorial venture, Krrish 3. The actor in an interview said that anyone can find a superhero within.

“I have always strived to imbibe good qualities and values from all the characters I have essayed through the years. It has been a constant search, a mission to grow into a stronger and better human being. The values that define Krrish have had the biggest impact on my life,” he says.

The actor adds, “A superhero uses all his powers to serve others. He believes that life is less about you and more about the people who love you… these are qualities I live by. Any one of us can find that superhero inside of us. Anyone can choose to be a superhero once we recognise the values he lives by. All we have to do is decide. I keep his symbol to remind me of those values, to remind me in times of despair that I can overcome anything. This symbol has empowered me to rise each time and create the greatest story ever told.”

“Let’s make it our mission to live the best life possible… take our weaknesses and use them to fuel our strengths. I believe in the Krrish inside all of us. It’s time now for you to find him inside of you.” Hrithik concludes.

Meanwhile the franchisee of Krrish picks up after five years after the end of Krrish, Hrithik wanted a healthier, yet a mature look for Rohit’s character. He hired the services of Mike Stringer, a prosthetic expert, with whom he had worked earlier. Apparently, Rohit’s character required heavy make-up which would take close to three hours to get done with all the make-up. During this entire process, Hrithik had to sit still for long hours and this has taken a toll on his back!

Krrish 3 which is produced by FilmKraft Production will be releasing on November 1st. Hopefully the super-hero recovers on time to be present at the opening day of Krrish 3!
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