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Kangana Ranaut happy that her item-songs from Rajjo are a hit!

Kangana Ranaut is over the moon that her hard-work she put into her upcoming flick Rajjo has paid off. Her brilliant performance in songs like ‘Julmi’ and ‘Kaleja Hai Haazir’ hs won her a lot of accolades. Kangana says, “I did ‘Rajjo’ not only for its theme, but also because it gave me an opportunity to dance to the kind of music I have always wanted to. I was looking forward to something where I needed to let my hair down. Julmi gave me that platform.”

When asked about her songs becoming a hit online, Kangana says, “The moment Ganeshji (Acharya) started explaining the moves to me, I knew this would be a really fresh experience. I am glad to have got the right ada, nazaakat and shokhiyat in place.”

Vishwas Patil will be making his directorial debut in Bollywood with this movie, produced by MH Shah and UA Karande, says, “The video of Julmi has generated over 1.5 lakh hits on the internet. Even distributors in Pakistan and Dubai have talked business after viewing the songs. This is the result of Kangana’s hard work. Credit also goes to Sameer Anjaan and Dev Kohli’s lyrics and music by Uttam Singh.”

Though set in a kotha, Julmi wasn’t positioned as an item song, says Patil, adding, “I’m here to sell a story, not a body. The movie might have flesh trade as the background, but I’m not trading its soul for skin show.”

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