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Ram Gopal Varma’s affinity and tryst with the Underworld

As far as my knowledge goes, and let me tell you, it’s very limited, I think Ram Gopal Varma was the first director in Bollywood to show us about the real underworld. He didn’t show us just the murder or just what the person at gun point was thinking moments before he died. He showed us the world through the murderer’s eye and that is an accomplishment in its own.

Who would have seriously and consciously thought about it? Who would have bothered to anger the Mafia Lords by making a movie about them? If you read his blog, My tryst with the underworld you’ll know what really went on in his mind and what made Ram Gopal Varma shift his focus from light hearted movies like Rangeela to hardcore underworld movies like Satya.

Ram Gopal Varma was with a producer one day when the guy got a call and was informed about the murder of a hotshot.  He wasn’t surprised or even bothered but then it hit him. Like a lighting bolt and enlightened him about the how and why of the murder and the murderers psyche. Why are there no talks about the murderer? He might get caught or might live a tension free life but what goes on in his mind? What does he do? What are his rituals? Can he sleep peacefully knowing full well that he has committed a crime? Taking a life no less? Playing God? All these thoughts were scattered around him and that how he first conceived Satya.

Ram Gopal Varma had the basic outline. He wanted to make a movie about the underworld but not the sweet, no-blood, no-violence, throw-a-punch-and-get-even type of a movie. He wanted to show blood, victimization, failing of authority, raising of underworld’s power and things that revolved around the same thing. It was like a day in the live of a murderer or a gang leader. He wanted to show us what the outlaws were capable of what went on through their minds.

Ram Gopal Varma showed us that these outlaws or the marauders were just normal people like us but with a knack of killing and a guilt free conscience. They could be living next door and we wouldn’t know who they were.

And like this, started his journey of making movies under the much avoided genre of crime/underworld/mafia. He started off really well and gave us different movies in this genres but he didn’t bore us with the same perspective. He sometimes gave us the criminal’s view and at other times he gave us the laws perspective.

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