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Satya 2 Newcomer Aradhna Gupta is Bowled Over by Big B

Amitabh Bachchan has won many hearts in a career that has been ongoing since 1969, with his commanding and charming baritone and his smooth acting skills. He has captivated hearts of the mango people as well as many celebs and now, she has bowled over the newcomer Aardhna Gupta, who is making her debut in the movie Satya 2. It was a pleasant shock for her when Big B sat at the same table as she did.

“This was during the recently held bash that was hosted by Ramu at a five star hotel. Aradhna was seated on a large table and checking some messages on phone when she heard some clamour around her. She didn’t pay much heed to it at the beginning since quite a few top celebrities were stepping in for the event and there was a huge media rush all around her. However, she literally jumped on her seat when Amitabh Bachchan’s characteristic baritone reached her ears. She immediately kept her phone down to realise that none other than Big B was seated right next to her,” informs an onlooker.

“It was one memorable experience for sure. It was fantastic to see someone of his stature wishing me success for the film and for people to like my performance in there. It was so amazing to meet him for the first time together and then even sharing the stage with him. I have admired and respected him for his hard work and punctuality. Now after standing next to him, it was all the more motivating,” says an excited Aradhna.

Bachchan also congratulated Aradhna for beginning her career with the radical director Ram Gopal Varma; with who Amitabh worked on many films in the past.

Now this film Satya 2 releases on November 8th.
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