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And now Akshay Kumar gets threat calls from underworld!

Now we all know that the underworld and Bollywood have had a sweet but bitter relationship for a long time now. In fact, there are many videos circulating which show the stars of Bollywood having a gala time with the mafia. At the same time, they are also on the receiving end too.. when they get extortion calls for them. The latest victim is none other than the Khiladi, Akshay Kumar.

Reportedly the Khiladi of Bollywood got a threat call from the underworld who have threatened him of dire consequences. Akshay Kumar now has been provided with round the clock police security. Juhu station has got a written application from the actor’s office on 22nd October about the call and thus provided him with the required security. Akshay had recently starred in Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobaara, where he reportedly played the role of Dawood Ibrahim.

Akshay Kumar, with his successful release of ‘Boss’ has been minting top money at the box office and the call might have been demanding money. He has been threatened to be shot if he does not obey their orders and police investigation is going on to find out the suspect. Bollywood has produced many movies which are based on the life of underworld dons. Some recent hits which come to our minds are like Satya, Company and Once Upon a Time in Mumbai. Akshay Kumar gets threat calls – is not something new as many actors and directors have received such calls in the past.

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