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Why Vir Das and Kirti Watched a B-Grade Film…

Remember the Junglee Jawani scene from Rockstar; the one in which Ranbir Kapoor and Nargis Fakhri watch a B-Grade porn movie in a shady theater? Something like that is gonna be shown in Vir Das’s next movie Sooper Se Ooper.

As required by the scene, Vir Das and co-star Kirti had to watch a b-grade film. The film-makers thought they’ll hire a normal theater and later cheat the scene by having a b-grade film in the final version. A source says, “It was earlier thought that they would shoot in any theatre and then cheat the screening with a B Grade show. However, to the horror of the production team everyone realised that in the solitary theatre in the town, there was actually a B Grade film running.”

“Don’t even ask which film was that. After all, it could be anything from Sheila Ki Jawaani, Champa Ki Raatein, Haseen Jalwe or stuff alike. Kya farq padtha hai? The fact remains that Vir, who has always been seen in films that carry an urban flavor to them, had a taste of the real India when he had to step into an uncomfortable zone,” continues the source.

It was the kind of a theater where most urban youngsters would not even think of stepping in and a female entering the premises was a strict no-no. However, the management at the theater co-operated as the source informs, “Thankfully the theatre management understood the predicament and assured the crew that Kirti’s safety and security would be taken care of. On the other hand, Vir couldn’t help but chuckle as there were more ideas that he was getting for some stand up jokes that he could crack post this experience.”

We’ll just have to wait for Sooper Se Ooper to release then..!

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