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Sooper Se Ooper: Brief look into the characters of the movie!

This Friday along with Mickey Virus there was one more movie which came out, Sooper Se Ooper. The movie is directed by Kitoo Ghosh, it is a comedy flick which focuses on the land-grabbing issue. Here is a brief details of the few important characters from the movie.

Ranvir (Vir Das)
Ranvir is on the lookout for his uncle Madho Singh Rathore to settle few disputes over the ancestral property. However, pin-pointing the location of his uncle turns out to be a very tough task, giving rise to numerous comedy situations. For Vir Das, deviating from quirky to situational comedy was a challenge and the role put his comic skills to the test.

Madho Singh Rathore (Gulshan Grover)
Madho Sing, though being highly educated could have earned millions with his talent, but he chooses to live a rather simple life and confines himself to a remote location in Rajasthan. Madho is a good-hearted, well-spirited man.

Gul Gulabo (Kirti Kulhari)
Gulabo hails from a very small town but has dreams of conquering the world with her skills. She aspires to become an actress and Ranvir helps her achieve this dream of hers.

Cookie Kukreja (Deepak Dobriyal)
Cookie is a real estate agent who wants to become a builder. He can go to any level to fulfil his ambitions, including chasing Ranvir.

Bhairu (Yashpal Sharma)
Bhairu is a thug who later turns into a good guy. Bhairu blindly believes in Madho Singh Rathore and is his aide.

Sooper Se Ooper, produced by Jigsaw Pictures, releases today. If you are eagerly waiting for the release of the movie, this brief info about the characters might cool your nerves down.. Stay tuned to this space as we’ll shortly be giving out the review of ‘Sooper Se Ooper’.
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