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Sonam Kapoor: Film is a Director’s Medium

Talking at the ongoing 15th Mumbai Film Festival, Sonam Kapoor said a director is the most important person of a film. She also said the director, story and the script are her priority while choosing a film and not the co-stars.

“Film is a director’s medium. I would rather choose my directors over actors. It is not about the actor, it’s always about the director, writer, script or the character I would like to play,” said Sonam, who worked with top-notch directors like Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Pankaj Kapur, etc.

Sonam added, “It’s kind of demeaning to say that I would like to work with a particular actor. It’s very demeaning to directors and writers to say that. They are the technicians, they are the ones who make the film actually.”

Meanwhile, the actress who is busy researching for her future films, has not been getting enough sleep. Reportedly, there is some construction work going on in her neighborhood and she can’t concentrate on the research in the morning; so she is staying up late to complete her research. Let’s just hope she doesn’t lose her beauty sleep…

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