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Ram Leela in controversy; yet again…

We wonder what is wrong with Ram Leela as every single day, some or the other controversy is dogging it. There were petitions against the movie, there were protests against the movie, there were mobs against the movie, the off-screen romance of the lead couple was rumored to be staged for publicity; we thought the movie had seen it all but we were wrong.

The latest one is a petition filed by Rashtravadi Shiv Sena, over the film’s title. According to the petition, the title of the movie is misleading as it gives an impression that the movie is a mythological story based on the Hindu god Ram. The petitioners wanted the film-makers to rename the movie.

But the High Court has not just struck off the case as a baseless petition but also fined the petitioner Rs. 50,000 for wasting the court’s time.

Now, all that remains is the movie’s release, which is on November 15th.

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