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Priyanka Chopra Promotes Krrish 3 Even When Ill

Priyanka Chopra, who is in Delhi to promote Krrish 3, was running a high temperature. A doctor was summoned to attend to her. She was given injections to bring the fever down, after which she had to rest for a while. Her co-star and friend Hrithik Roshan asked her to rest in her hotel room but the ex-Miss World didn’t want the promotions to be affected in anyway; went ahead with the promotions and attended the event.

At the event, she was pretty cheerful and spoke about her love for traveling and tips to follow while traveling. Commenting on how actors manage to look good even after a long flight, Piggy Chops said “There are photographers on the airport to click you. So I change before I touch down. I have to wear lipstick even if it’s 3 in the morning because I know they are waiting. It’s not that today being an actress, I am concerned about how I look. I liked to be well-turned-out even when I was in school. My dad hated it if I looked like a jhalli. It was a rule in our family for all the women, to be presentable and well-turned-out. My mother and I were never allowed to walk out in our nighties. So when I walk out of an aircraft, I make my hair and wear my jacket. And I do that not only in India, but also when I land abroad as there are people all over to look at you. Even if they aren’t photographers, I’m the kind of person people look at anyway.”

Giving tips on how to avoid jet lag, the actress said it is very important to hydrate oneself while on a flight. She said she drinks a lot of orange juice and water when she is on a plane as vitamin c improves our body’s immunity. “I drink a lot of Berocca (vitamin and mineral supplement in liquid and tablet form), which is lots of pure Vitamin C. It’s awesome. These two things will make sure you look and feel fresh in the daytime, wherever you are landing and it will sort you out fully to take on the world,” smiles the actress.

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