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More than just animals: Bollywood actors’ pets

When it comes to Bollywood actors, they love to do everything in style. Their lifestyle is lavish and yet so simple. What’s even more surprising is that these actors have a fondness for dogs. A brigade of Bollywood celebrities have pets that are very dear to them. The bond these actors share with their pets is simply astonishing. Bollywood actor’s pets are their priced possessions.


“They like to chill with me when I read the morning papers,” says Ajay Devgn. His German Shepherds Koko and Koki are his best friends and he says they love chilling out with him each Morning. After the passing away of his first dog Sher Khan, Ajay got himself two German Shepherds and well, they certainly give him good company.


Hrithik Roshan Pet
“Dogs are a great example for human beings. What do they ask for? They only give. You can live even with a strange dog and give it love by being around him for just two days and that dog will not leave your side. So you can learn to give and receive from dogs. The lesson to be learnt from them is that to get love, you have to give it first.” This is what Bollywood’s superstar Hrithik Roshan had to say when asked about his dog Puggy who passed away a year ago. Looks like Hrithik still feels the vacuum of Puggy’s absence.


arjun rampal dog
Hottie Arjun Rampal’s dog Gangsta and Muscles are his cutest possession. When asked about them, this is what he had to say- “They are both different individuals. The best thing about them is their unconditional love and whether you go for five days or months, when you come back, they jump on you at the door and love you as they missed you completely.”


tusshar kapoor pets
The Kapoor’s dog, Poshto is a spoilt brat. He loves getting his master’s attention and gets jealous when someone tries to steal his thunder. Tusshar says, “He insists on sitting through meetings.” Isn’t he one hell of a cute doggie?


salman khan dogs
Well he probably Bollywood’s only actor who doesn’t mind getting his pets out of the house and on to the sets. Salman Khan’s pride My Love, Veer, Saint Bernard were all on the sets of different reality shows where Salman was present to promote his films. And now, Salman’s dog Heaven is a part of Bigg Boss 7. Love has no boundaries, yeah!


Big B’s most favorite creature Shanouk, his Piranha Dane passed away a couple of months ago. However, we learn that this dog was Big B’s best friend and loved being around him.

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