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Mickey Virus will not have anti-smoking videos

Recently, Hollywood film-maker Woody Allen refused to release one of his movies in India because of the anti-smoking videos that are screened before the movie. We all close our eyes at the disgusting scenes that are presented right before every movie. But now, the audiences of Mickey Virus, will not have to bear those gruesome scenes as the censor board took into consideration, an anti-smoking scene that is in the movie, and allowed the film-makers to release the movie without those gruesome videos.

“We want to cater to not only youth but also family audiences with ‘Mickey Virus’. Even when I was writing the script I was very clear that we will steer clear of any kind of abuse, smoking or drug scenes that will alienate audience. Also, Manish Paul has a huge fan following now especially among female audiences hence instead of making him speak offensive words, we’ve given him quirky north Indian words that are hilarious but absolutely not offensive to listen for example words like Jhalla, baagadbilla or bajarbattoo. We’ve even used funny vegetable names and other fun stuff to make dialogues funny and quirky,” says Saurabh Varma, writer/director, Mickey Virus.

It has been revealed that the anti-smoking in the movie was a deliberate strategy to ensure the gruesome ad is not made mandatory. The movie releases today…

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