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Mickey Virus tries to infect as many till Krrish comes to the rescue

With people eagerly waiting for the release of Krrish 3 next week, most of them wouldn’t even be aware of the movies that are releasing this Friday, October 25th. Mickey Virus is one of such small release that is trying to showcase itself in as many screens as possible before the Krrish storm takes a hit at the screens close to us.

The makers of Mickey Virus had no other choice but to release it this Friday as the slots for the coming months have already been booked by the Bollywood biggies. As it is the festive season, the who’s-who of Bollywood try and release their movies in this time period so that they can cash in on the holidays.

Though Mickey Virus is not so hyped also, but the movie marks a freshness in the industry as it features many newbies. Both the lead actors in the film Manish Paul and Elli Avram are making their Bollywood debut with Mickey Virus. And it’s not just the actors, even the director of the movie Saurabh Varma makes his debut as a director with the release of Mickey Virus.

The movie which is made on a budget of Rs 11 crores is a story which revolves around a computer hacker who eventually starts helping the cops to crack a case of hacking. The movie will be releasing in 1000 screens and will try to make as much moolah out of it till next week. When Krrish’s 3 storm will hit the screens, all the small budget movies will surely take a big hit!

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