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Manish Paul: I would like to hack Katrina Kaif’s account!

Mansih Paul’s recent movie Mickey Virus has released today and the actor is eagerly looking forward to the response he gets from the movie. The host-turned-actor had to undergo training before he could start shooting for the film.

“Being a host for such a long time, it took a lot of effort to cut myself out of that mould and think like an actor. For instance, as a host, I am used to being loud. But, as an actor, I had to say my dialogues subtly or sometimes, not even say anything but just convey things through my eyes or facial expressions,” he says, adding that he lost 14 kilos and even built a six-pack for his debut flick.

Manish essays the lead role of Mickey, a hacker from Malviya Nagar, Delhi, who ends up strangled in many problematic situations. When asked if he would love to hack any account, he quickly replied, “Katrina Kaif! I really like her and want to know everything about her. But, on a serious note, I’d never want to hack into anybody’s personal account.”

Manish is currently enjoying all the attention coming his way. “Like any newcomer, I am nervous. However, I am being showered with compliments, so that is nice. In fact, recently at a promotional event, some girls literally tore my T-shirt wanting to feel my six-pack!” he says.

Mickey Virus, produced DAR Motion Pictures, Awesome Films Pvt Ltd and Trilogic Digital Media Ltd., releases today.

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